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Customers and Affilates

Atlanta Charity Clays
Support local charities through sporting clays
Georgia Renaissance Festival
Seize your sense of adventure and travel back in time to the grandest party since Camelot! 
Morton International Consulting, Inc
Custom software, Intranet and Extranet solutions, Network consulting
Royal Sporting USA
Distributor of high performance shotgun shells
Social Shooting Club
Sporting Clays shooting club


Audit your firewall online, check your privacy and remove spyware.Audit your firewall online, check your privacy and remove spyware.
The GNU C reference
Everything you wanted to know about writing a C program for Linux
Perl:Search and Replace
A perl script that will replace a string in multiple files
Dig for Windows
A better tool than nslookup
Create a favicon.ico file for your web site
DNS Stuff extension for Firefox
Look up information on dns servers
Buttons! for Thunderbird
Extra functionallity for the toolbar for Thunderbird
HTML and CSS Table Border Style Wizard
Design your html tables
Mulder's Stylesheets Tutorial
Learn how to make stylesheets
Guide To Cascading Style Sheets
Cross reference for stylesheets
HTML 4 Elements
Cross reference for html


Cisco 2900
Catalyst 2900 Series Configuration Guide and Command Reference

Useful Sites

DNS Report
Check your DNS servers to make sure they are configured correctly
Internet Storm Center
Keep up to date with the latest network vulnerabilities
Server and network monitoring software
Network File Copy using SSH
How to copy files between computers using SSH
Pinouts for equipment connectors
WiFi Hotspot Finder
Find where you can hook up with WiFi - also lists FREE locations
Outlook Headers
Read and forward email headers from Outlook
Outlook Express Headers
Read and forward email headers from Outlook Express

Linux Toys

A DVD Player for linux


Jaco Strauss' Tech Support Excuse Generator
Unique excuses for tech support personnel
Binary - It's digitalicious
Convert from binary to text and back

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